Why become a Soul Subscriber?

Why become a Soul Subscriber?

Music to your ears

Effortlessly expand your collection and get quality vinyl delivered to your door every month. (delivery is free)

Supporting music helps

Restless Soul will donate a percentage to the Musichelps charity for their awesome work changing peoples lives through music

Support the artists

Vinyl is a tactile and interactive music forum that provides more income to artists than streaming platforms.

this is how it works

Sign up

Select a payment plan, put in your details and your account is created. You know the drill.

Vinyl direct to your door

Once a month you will get the Restless Soul vinyl album of the month delivered with love right to your door. Free delivery NZ wide.

Enjoy the tunes

Sit back and enjoy the latest addition to your collection. Simple!

Soul Subscriber Options

3 months

$180 a quarter


paid quarterly

Saving $0 but still supporting artists

Intrigued? Sign up for a 3 month, 3 album deal and give it a go. Easy!

6 month

$55 / month


paid twice a year

Saving $30

Want a cool gift idea for someone? This 6 month subscription will do the trick

12 months



paid once a year

Saving $120

For serious vinyl fans who want to build their collection at a discounted rate.

Every Month




no upfront payment required

For vinyl fans who want build their collection without noticing the cost.




One off payment


Find it hard to buy someone a very cool gift? Look no further than a Soul Subscription


Free delivery NZ wide

Secure checkout

Quality guarantee

Overseas Shipping available


What if I receive an album I don't like?

We've all bought albums we didn't dig after a first hearing, but remember you are still actively supporting the artist and the wider music industry while you grow your collection. Give it another spin and see how you go. We hope to have the ability to introduce multiple choices in the future but as we're not quite set up for this at present you will have to trust us. Just think of it like Christmas day happening once a month.

What if my album doesn't turn up?

All deliveries will be tracked and traced but if it doesn't turn up we will send a replacement as soon as possible thereafter.

Can I select a specific musical genre?

As we are fresh to the scene we don't have the logistical back up to service multiple genres. But that is the plan in the future and the more subscribers we have the sooner this option will be available.

Which artists will Restless Soul be targeting for Album of the Month?

The idea behind the subscription is to support the people who need it most, the artists. So we will initially be targeting up and coming bands who are preferably local, but the choice will vary from month to month. Get into it and make a recommendation and we will certainly consider any nomination.

Can I just buy any record without signing up to a subscription?

At this stage we are concentrating on the subscription model as we are still building our online shop. however if you have specific titles you are looking for don't hesitate to send an email request and we will see what we can do.

If I really don't like the album can I swap it?

Although we won't be able to process returns we would be very keen to enable swaps between members of the community and see no reason why this couldn't be facilitated through our existing Social Media groups.