Best Apps to Catalogue Your Vinyl Collection

Best Apps to Catalogue Your Vinyl Collection

If you're anything like me, your vinyl collection is one of your prized possessions. But let's face it, as our collections grow, keeping track of all those records can get a bit overwhelming. Fear not, because today I’m here to share some of the best apps out there that can help you catalogue your vinyl collection like a pro. So, grab a coffee, pull up a chair, and let's dive into the world of vinyl cataloguing apps.

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Probably the king of vinyl cataloguing apps, Discogs is a must-have for any serious collector. This app isn't just a cataloguing tool; it's a vast music database and a marketplace rolled into one. You can easily add albums to your collection by scanning the barcode or searching the database. Each record's entry includes detailed information like track lists, release data, and current market values, which is super handy if you’re into the resale game or just curious about the worth of your collection.

What I absolutely love about Discogs is the community aspect. You’re connected to a global network of music enthusiasts, which means you can chat about rare finds, swap records, and even buy and sell within the app. It's a great way to expand your collection and knowledge without ever leaving your couch.


Vinyl Wall

Up next, we've got Vinyl Wall, a newer kid on the block but definitely worth checking out. This app wins big on interface and ease of use. Vinyl Wall lets you catalogue your records with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. You just input your album details, and the app organises everything into a neat, visually appealing 'wall' of your collection.

One of the coolest features is the ability to customise the virtual shelf. You can sort your collection by artist, genre, or even colour of the vinyl. Plus, it has social sharing built-in, so you can show off your latest acquisitions or your rarest gems with your friends on social media with just a couple of taps.

CLZ Music

    If you're looking for a powerhouse in organisation, CLZ Music is the app for you. It’s incredibly detailed and allows for extensive customization of how you catalogue your records. What sets CLZ Music apart is its cloud service that syncs your catalogue across multiple devices. That means you can start adding records on your phone and finish on your tablet or laptop without missing a beat.

    The app uses a barcode scanner to quickly add albums to your collection, and if your record doesn't have a barcode, you can manually add the details or search their extensive database. Plus, the app offers some neat statistical tools, giving you insights into your collection's value, the artists you favour, and even the decades most represented on your shelves.

    My Record List

      My Record List is designed specifically with vinyl collectors in mind. It features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to add new records to your collection. You can search for albums directly through the app's database or add them manually if they're not listed. My Record List allows you to create custom lists and categories, making it simple to organise your collection based on your personal preferences. Additionally, the app offers social features, enabling you to share your collection with others and explore collections from around the world, which can be a great way to discover new music and connect with fellow vinyl enthusiasts.

      Record Scanner

        Last but certainly not least, there's Record Scanner, a simple yet effective app for those who want to catalogue their collections quickly and without too much fuss. What I love about Record Scanner is its straightforward approach. You scan the album's barcode, and the app adds it to your collection. It pulls information from various online databases to fill in all the essential details about each record.

        The app is less feature-rich than some of the others mentioned here, but if simplicity is your thing, it might just be the perfect fit. Plus, it's incredibly efficient for cataloguing large collections in short periods.

        Special Mention: MilkCrate 

        It's worth giving a special mention to MilkCrate. This app was specifically designed with vinyl enthusiasts in mind, featuring a sleek user interface and integration with extensive music databases, making it a cherished tool for many collectors. Unfortunately, MilkCrate is no longer available. It was a favourite for many because of its tailored approach to vinyl and its handy features like direct integration with Discogs, which made managing collections and sales quite efficient. Although we can no longer use MilkCrate, its legacy reminds us of the importance of having dedicated tools that cater to the specific needs of vinyl collectors. So, as we explore other current options, let's appreciate the path that MilkCrate helped pave in the world of vinyl cataloguing.

        Wrapping Up

        So there you have it—a rundown of some of the best apps out there to help you keep your vinyl collection organised and accessible. Whether you're a casual collector or a serious vinyl junkie, there’s an app on this list that will make managing your music both enjoyable and efficient.

        Remember, the best app for you depends on what you value most—be it community interaction, detailed data, or just a simple visual catalogue. Why not give a couple of them a try and see which one hits the right note for you? Happy cataloguing, and keep spinning those records!


        Vinyl App Comparison Table

        Feature Discogs Vinyl Wall CLZ Music My Record List Record Scanner
        Database Access Extensive Moderate Extensive Moderate Limited
        Cataloging Method Barcode, Manual Manual entry Barcode, Manual Manual, Database Barcode
        User Interface Detailed Simple and modern Customizable User-friendly Straightforward
        Marketplace Yes No No No No
        Social Features Community forums, Marketplace Social media sharing No Social sharing, Community features No
        Cross-Platform Yes (Web, Mobile) iOS, Android Yes (Web, Mobile) Web, Mobile Mobile only
        Special Features Price tracking, Community Virtual shelf, Customization Cloud sync, Statistics Custom lists, Global community Fast entry, Minimalist
        Cost Free, premium subscription available Free, offers in-app purchases Subscription-based Free, premium features available Free


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