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Vinyl Record Condition Grading
For vinyl record collectors, understanding the grading of a record is crucial in determining its value and quality. Grading can be subjective, but certain standards are widely recognized within the collecting community. This blog post will guide you through the...
Tips To Preserving Your Vinyl Collection
Vinyl records have experienced a remarkable resurgence in popularity over the past few years, appreciated not only by audiophiles but also by a new generation of music enthusiasts. The distinct sound quality and the tactile experience of vinyl make it...
Featured on RNZ

Attention vinyl lovers! Charlotte talks to Keith and Dave from Restless Soul a new local Vinyl Subscription service. They talk about their love of vinyl, and the surprise treats you could get each month while effortlessly expanding your vinyl collection.


Featured on 95bFM Jazz Show
Blind Mango Chutney includes plenty of Kiwi jazz to celebrate NZ Music Month, including a studio interview with the chaps behind the local Restless Soul vinyl subscription service - a superb idea. BMC also delves into some jazz rock for you neglected proggers out there