The Vinyl Pressing Process

The Vinyl Pressing Process

Curious about how vinyl records are made? The journey from raw materials to the record spinning on your turntable is both fascinating and visually satisfying. Let's take a look at each phase of the vinyl pressing process, showcasing the intricate blend of technology and skilled craftsmanship involved. From creating grooved discs to conducting detailed quality checks before they reach your doorstep.



The process of creating a vinyl record starts with audio mastering, tailored specifically for the vinyl format. This stage involves adjustments to optimise the sound for vinyl, considering how different frequencies behave when played back on a record player. Special attention is given to bass distribution and stereo width to prevent common vinyl playback issues such as skipping or distortion. Mastering for vinyl also often involves tweaking the high frequencies to ensure a smooth and enjoyable listening experience. This careful preparation ensures that the music not only sounds good on vinyl but also preserves the integrity and dynamics of the original recording.


Lacquer Cutting

The lacquer cutting stage is a pivotal part of the vinyl record manufacturing process. It begins with a lacquer disc coated with a nitrocellulose lacquer, a substance used for its ability to form a smooth, hard surface that is ideal for etching. In this stage, a specially calibrated lathe etches the audio recordings into the lacquer, creating the master disc. This process must be executed with precision, as the depth and fidelity of the groove etchings directly affect the sound quality of the final vinyl record. Each groove on the lacquer disc is an exact representation of the audio tracks, and even minor deviations can alter the sound.


Following the lacquer cutting stage, the master disc undergoes electroplating to create durable metal stampers. During electroplating, the master disc is coated with a conductive material and then submerged in a plating bath where a thin layer of nickel is bonded to its surface. This creates a robust metal stamper that will be used to press the grooves into countless vinyl records. The precision with which the master disc is created and plated ensures that the audio fidelity captured in the initial lacquer cutting stage is perfectly translated to the final product. This process guarantees that the nuances of the original recording are preserved, delivering high-quality audio playback from each vinyl record produced.



With the stampers ready, the actual pressing begins using a record press. A record press is used to heat up vinyl pellets and then press them between two stampers. This process forms the vinyl into a disc with the audio grooves imprinted on it. The press is crucial for maintaining the quality and consistency of vinyl records, ensuring that each copy faithfully reproduces the sound as intended.

Vinyl pellets can be different colours or colours combined, creating unique visual effects such as swirls, splatters, or marbled patterns that appeal to collectors.- this customisation adds a visual dimension to the music. 

Edge Trimming

After pressing, the excess vinyl around the edges of the record is trimmed off to ensure the disc has a clean, smooth edge and fits properly on turntables. Precise trimming helps eliminate any extra material that could cause the record to wobble or skip during playback.

Quality Control and Packaging

Each record undergoes stringent quality control to check for defects in playback. Once approved, the records are sleeved, packaged, and prepared for shipment to stores and collectors around the world.

From the careful mastering to the precise pressing and trimming, every step in the vinyl pressing process is geared towards preserving the sound and aesthetics of the music. This detailed journey from raw materials to your doorstep highlights the allure of vinyl records, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create a product that is both a collector's item and a piece of musical history.

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