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One vinyl per month, plus two extra freebie vinyl received on your first and second deliveries.

For serious vinyl fans who want to build their collection at a discounted rate.

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Select a payment plan, put in your details and your account is created. You know the drill.


Once a month you will get the Restless Soul vinyl album of the month delivered with love right to your door. Free delivery NZ wide.


Sit back and enjoy the latest addition to your collection. Simple!

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Supporting New Zealand Artists

As avid vinyl enthusiasts, we recognized the impact that vinyl has on the way we connect with and appreciate musicians. We created Restless Soul to share local artists and give back to the community.

Our Story

Past Curated Vinyls

Mint Chicks - Screens


Screens is the third and final studio album from Auckland-based "troublegum" group. The Mint Chicks, and thus far, the only Mint Chicks release not to feature bassist Michael Logie. It was released on March 16, 2009 in New Zealand.

Estere - My Design, On Others' Lives


Recorded at her home studio in a suburban 40’s Wellington villa, Estère’s production paints a canvas of unique juxtaposition. Citing the meaty side of electronic music with succulent bass and weighty drums, then contrasting it with warm acoustic textures paired with the ethereal side of pop/jazz melodies.


New Zealand dream pop luminaries French for Rabbit’s new album, The Overflow, elevates the band's music to new heights.

The group, led by Brooke Singer, weaves dark and anthemic tunes around folk-pop hooks – with layers of detail that make for an absorbing listen.


L.A.B’s success story continues with their fifth album in as many years.

Fast becoming an iconic Kiwi band, it’s been another massive year for L.A.B, who won two Tūī at the 2020 Aotearoa Music Awards, are finalists for four awards this year and hit number one on the Official Albums and Singles Charts.


"This record is about...growing up. I think. It's about dealing with your own stuff for once. Accepting responsibility, maybe. It's a self help book addressed to myself. And just like every other piece of art ever made in history of the hominid, I was going through some shit when I was making it. I'd just left home and everyone I knew, looking to chase a dream. It was an awkward phase, like stage two puberty. I was learning how to be grown. Humility had my pride in a headlock. I was the old man at the art exhibition, the young boy at the art gallery. Everyone was in a K-hole, I was at K-Mart." - Tom Scott.


NaNoise are the Thelma and Louise of modern DIY guitar based music. The long-time collaborators Hariet Ellis and Yolanda Fagan (both having worked together on BOZO, Vincent H.L, Echo Ohs and Thee Crockettes) have a rascally take on traditional song — with their new-old songs, the band introduce a new-old sound.


Are the monthly vinyls all local New Zealand artists?

Our goal is to highlight and support local New Zealand artists in our monthly vinyl selections. While the majority of our vinyls feature local talent, we occasionally include a classic album by an overseas artist based on popular demand. We appreciate your feedback and strive to balance showcasing local artists with the diverse tastes of our subscribers.

How do I purchase a subscription for someone else?

After selecting a subscription length and continuing to the checkout, untick "Use shipping address as billing address" and enter in the address of the person you are gifting a subscription to.

When will my vinyl be shipped if I order after the 20th of the month?

If you place your order after the 20th of the month, please note that your vinyl will be scheduled for shipment in the following month.

Orders before the 20th should be received by the end of the month (or worst case 1st week of the new month).

What if I receive an album I don't like?

We've all bought albums we didn't dig after a first hearing, but remember you are still actively supporting the artist and the wider music industry while you grow your collection. Give it another spin and see how you go. We hope to have the ability to introduce multiple choices in the future but as we're not quite set up for this at present you will have to trust us. Just think of it like Christmas day happening once a month.

What if my album doesn't turn up?

All deliveries will be tracked and traced but if it doesn't turn up we will send a replacement as soon as possible thereafter.

Can I select a specific musical genre?

As we are fresh to the scene we don't have the logistical back up to service multiple genres. But that is the plan in the future and the more subscribers we have the sooner this option will be available.

Which artists will Restless Soul be targeting for Album of the Month?

The idea behind the subscription is to support the people who need it most, the artists. So we will initially be targeting up and coming bands who are preferably local, but the choice will vary from month to month. Get into it and make a recommendation and we will certainly consider any nomination.

Can I just buy any record without signing up to a subscription?

At this stage we are concentrating on the subscription model as we are still building our online shop. However if you have specific titles you are looking for don't hesitate to send an email request and we will see what we can do.

If I really don't like the album can I swap it?

Although we won't be able to process returns we would be very keen to enable swaps between members of the community and see no reason why this couldn't be facilitated through our existing Social Media groups.