Music helps the restless soul

   So who are MusicHelps? 

Previously known as the NZ Music Commission Musichelps are the foremost music charity in New Zealand
What makes them different is that they are dedicated to developing and sustaining exciting projects that all have one thing in common: they change lives through music. They make a positive difference to people in need in New Zealand in extraordinary ways and show the world what is possible through the magic of music. They need your support to carry out our vital mission.
We believe that Restless Soul's and Musichelps intentions are totally aligned and that's why we are collaborating to launch our Restless-Helps subscription plan.  In return for your subscription you will receive a monthly delivery that will include a minimum of 1 Vinyl LP and 10% of your suscription fee will be donated to the Musichelps cause.
So if you sign up you will not only be building your collection by a minimum of 12 albums per year but you will directly support the artist through buying their product support the New Zealand music industry through Musichelps.