Our Story

Kia Ora,

Restless Soul is a project that came to life during the Covid lockdown of 2020 and was born out of a passion for great music, live gigs and the uncompromising cool of vinyl.

It is a tribute to the hours spent flicking through bins of records searching for gems and dreaming of perhaps one day opening a record store of our own.

We’re a little way off that but that’s ok. We’re planning something else in the meantime.

During many evenings spent spinning vinyl, and discussing the art and creativity associated with it, we realised much of our enthusiasm was founded on a deep respect for the artists.

It was a serious concern to us that musicians were finding it more and more difficult to make a living wage from their art, and this issue was being exacerbated by the miniscule returns associated with digital downloads.  It’s apparent that this is a fact that most people are simply unaware of!

We live in a world where we’re striving for equality for all, and that quality is certainly not always related to quantity.  We believe in that – vehemently.  We understand music at your fingertips on the device in your hand means exposure and is positive in many ways.  But what is the long-term cost to the music industry and the quality of the music we experience if our musicians don’t get paid what they should?  At this moment in time we should be supporting the arts, and artists, who provide us with the endless inspiration from their lyrics, tunes and visuals, as these are the people who’s work can inspire us in ways that businessmen or politicians simply cannot!!!

So with that mission in mind Restless Soul was born. Restless Soul is designed to be a platform set to evolve around vinyl sales because it provides more support to the musicians than online platforms like Spotify.

We want to grow a community where our love of music is shared and time is taken to fully appreciate great art, great culture and great people.

At the very foundation we want to help support musicians and that’s why we thought we’d invite you along for the ride.

- Keith & Dave

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