Aborted - Maniacult

Aborted - Maniacult

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Belgium's most infamous Death Metal crew ABORTED deliver a bone-crushing display of of unyielding and odious Death Metal with their forthcoming 11th full length, ManiaCult. Standout tracks like Impetus Odi and Dementophobia prove the point that the band undisputedly earned their place within the cream of the crop of Death Metal. ManiaCult is a whirring blender of Death Metal and further solidifies ABORTED's stature as one of the most dangerous death metal bands on the planet. You’ve been warned.

The limited edition deluxe CD box set includes a bonus track, metal pins, embroidered patches, pop-up cards, stickers.


1. Verderf
2. ManiaCult
3. Impetus Odi
4. Portal To Vacuity
5. Demetophobia
6. A Vulgar Quagmire
7. Verbolgen
8. Ceremonial Ineptitude
9. Drag Me To Hell
10. Grotesque
11. I Prediletti: The Folly Of The God
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