ALEXISONFIRE Old Crows / Young Cardinals (Reissue) (Pre-Order) Dine Alone Records

ALEXISONFIRE Old Crows / Young Cardinals (Reissue) (Pre-Order) Dine Alone Records

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For Old Crows/Young Cardinals, the St. Catharines, Ontario-based rock group re-teamed with Julius “Juice” Butty (Protest the Hero, City and Colour). Even more intense and focused than before, the sound here is bracingly rhythmic, shot through with a do-or-die vocal urgency and sharp harmonies.

This is music for both sides of your brain. In your left ear, the poignant and melodic vocals of Dallas, injected with the devilishly sweet phrasings of the axe-wielding Wade, speak of impulse and introspection. In your right ear, George offers the testimony of the tortured soul, syncopated power-scream vocals that energize and counterpoint—a couple of cartoon-character angels and devils sitting on your shoulders, offering 2 very different interpretations of the same musical message.

Includes Young Cardinals, The Northern, Wayfarer Youth, and Two Sisters.


  1. Old Crows
  2. Young Cardinals
  3. Sons Of Privilege
  4. Born And Raised
  5. No Rest 
  6. The Northern
  7. Midnight Regulations
  8. Emerald Street
  9. Heading For The Sun
  10. Accept Crime 
  11. Burial
  12. Wayfarer Youth
  13. Two Sisters
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