Alpha Steppa - 3rd Kingdom

Alpha Steppa - 3rd Kingdom

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With a total of twelve tracks and an extensive list of featuring artists, 3rd Kingdom is an eclectic mix of traditional roots style reggae, UK bass and dubstep, future steppas, and world music. The majority of the collaborating artists Alpha Steppa met through travelling and come from all around the world – Russia, Italy/Senegal, Nigeria, Jamaica, Suriname, Brazil, to name just a few. It’s been a genuine attempt, through these collaborations, to pull a global community together – to give a feeling that it’s actually local despite being spread all over the world.

Diversity, multi-culturalism, oneness – these are things that Alpha Steppa is well acquainted with, if originally on a second-hand basis. The son and nephew of pioneering British roots dub duo Alpha & Omega, Alpha Steppa’s been surrounded by soundsystem and dubplate culture from a young age – his mother would attend shows by the likes of Channel One and Jah Shakah while he was still in the womb, and as a child, his father would take him into the studio for his first forays into the world of analogue hardware and dubbed out sound excursions.


  1. 3rd Kingdom (feat. Tenor Youthman)
  2. Heart Made of Stone (feat. Sistah Awa)
  3. Ancient Tribes (feat. Nai-Jah)
  4. Concrete Meditation
  5. Soulfire (feat. Double Tiger)
  6. Mek We March (feat. Cologne)
  7. Mycelial Connection (feat. High Public Sound)
  8. Jah Jah Creation (feat. Jonah Dan, Ras Tinny & Don Fe)
  9. The Time Has Come (feat. Nai-Jah & Ras Divarius)
  10. The Gate
  11. Liberation
  12. Prophecies Unfold (feat. Cologne)
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