Angel Du$T Yak: A Collection of Truck Songs Limited Vinyl Roadrunner Records / Warner

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Produced by Rob Schnapf (Kurt Vile, Elliott Smith)YAK: A Collection of Truck Songs follows Angel Du$t’s 2019’s album ‘Pretty Buff’ and sees the group channelling an anything-goes philosophy into their tightest, most forward-thinking material yet. Recorded over a two-month period in Los Angeles last year, the album is a rotating smorgasbord of percussion, guitar tones, effects, genres, and influences, fashioned in the spirit of a playlist as opposed to a capital-R ‘Record.’ The album’s 12 tracks span jangle-rock gems (‘Big Bite’), piano-spiked power pop (‘No Fun’), and a breezy duet with Rancid’s Tim Armstrong (‘Dancing On The Radio’).YAK: A Collection of Truck Songs’ also features ‘Love Is The Greatest’, ‘All The Way Dumb’, ‘Turn Off The Guitar’ and ‘Never Ending Game’, all of which appeared on Angel Du$t’s 2021 EP ‘Bigger House’,Breezy but determined as they imbue their laid-back acoustics with sharpness, Angel Du$t continue to prove they are band averse to boundaries. The band’s Roadrunner Records debut ‘Pretty Buff’ was produced by Will Yip and earned the band critical acclaim.


  1. Big Bite
  2. No Vacancy 
  3. All The Way Dumb
  4. Dancing On The Radio feat. Tim Armstrong
  5. Fear Some
  6. Yak
  7. Love Is The Greatest
  8. Cool Faith 
  9. Never Ending Game 
  10. No Fun
  11. Truck Songs
  12. Turn Off The Guitar
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