Angelo De Augustine - Tomb

Angelo De Augustine - Tomb

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Tomb reflects a beginning for Angelo -- both emotionally and in his career. It’s a motion towards positivity, addressing lost love, the worthwhile cost of honesty, and the ramifications of regret. In the end, Tomb isn’t about burying or hiding something away, it’s about opening the seal and letting something new emerge. It’s about telling people how you feel when you feel it, instead of burying everything over the span of years.

Like the best heartbreak albums, Tomb transforms inward pain into universal beauty. The songs have helped him to heal and now they can help those who hear them. “This album is, at its core, a prayer for hope and clarity, and a prayer for love,” Angelo says.

Tomb was produced by renowned musician Thomas Bartlett (aka Doveman; credits include work on albums for St. VincentSufjan StevensAntony and the Johnsons and David Byrne)

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