Angus & Julia Stone - Life Is Strange

Angus & Julia Stone - Life Is Strange

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Beloved duo Angus & Julia Stone have announced their comeback, revealing their first album in almost four years will be a soundtrack to the upcoming video game, Life Is Strange: True Colors.

Having recorded the album during the brief windows in which Angus and Julia weren’t working on their respective solo projects, the record itself is a unique one, seeing the group covering fresh new sonic territory across its tracks.

  • 1. Love Song
  • 2. Heavy Gets Light
  • 3. Living Underground
  • 4. For Remembering
  • 5. Take Me Home
  • 6. Let Me Know
  • 7. Blue
  • 8. Forever for Us
  • 9. From a Dream
  • 10. In My Arms
  • 11. When Was That
  • 12. Tears
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