Anz - All Hours

Anz - All Hours

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It's 24 hours to choose your own adventure: from morning to night, into first light. Music for all hours, and music that’s all ours too”.

All Hours pays homage to the many faces and seminal eras of electronic music; an ambitious, evocative interpretation of the sounds and sentiments that make a day (and night) out on the UK underground.

Transporting us on a heady trip, we meet a contemplative but optimistic Anz at Decisions (AM Intro) before venturing into the effervescent afternoon sunshine of You Could Be ft. George Riley. The evening brings the sweet UKG shuffle of Real Enough To Feel Good before we step up to Inna Circle, a Motor City-via-Manchester workout engineered to get dancefloors moving. Early hours club mutations arrive courtesy of Last Before Lights, hoovering up warps, pads and kinetic breakbeats in Anz’ inimitable fashion. Lights on and doors open, we emerge wide eyed on Quest Select (AM Outro) with the last 24 hours ringing in our ears.


1. Decisions (AM Intro)
2. You Could Be (ft. George Riley) 03:38
3. Real Enough To Feel Good
4. Inna Circle
5. Last Before Lights
6. Quest Select (AM Outro)

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