Arthur Russell World of Echo Rough Trade

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Originally released on LP in 1986, “World Of Echo” is a deeply intimate and meditative work of awe-inspiring grace and remains a timeless work of sublime beauty.Arthur’s aim was to achieve what he calls “the most vivid rhythmic reality”, with just cello, voice, and echoes. Arthur achieved all of this and more on one of the most amazing albums you will ever hear.


01. Tone Bone Kone
02. Soon-to-be Innocent Fun/Let’s See
03. Answers Me
04. Being It
05. Place I Know/Kid Like You
06. She’s The Star/I Take This Time
07. Treehouse
08. See-Through
09. Hiding Your Present From You
10. Wax The Van
11. All-Boy All-Girl
12. Lucky Cloud
13. Tower Of Meaning/Rabbit’s Ear/Home Away From Home
14. Let’s Go Swimming
15. The Name of the Next Song
16. Happy Ending
17. Canvas Home
18. Our Last Night Together

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