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After multiple singles and EPs on Leng Records and SaS Recordings, including two collaborative EPs with the tentacular outfit Becker & Mukai, acclaimed by fans and DJs alike, most of their time has been spent writing, recording, and bringing to life the 8 amazing tracks that form their debut album “Movements”.Movements follows in the steps of Auf Togo's previous releases and won't disappoint the early fans, but it also offers a completely new proposition. Their signature blend of slamming percussion, driving bass lines, psychedelic guitar hooks, fat analogue synths are expertly mixed with new musical ventures across the tracks: from the louche Hawaiian jazz of Along The Dotted Line to the psych-funk of Pan Con Tomate, the electronic wanderings of Mexico to the cinematic intensity of Radical Departures.The result is a spell-binding summer album, one to listen to on a coastline somewhere under the Mediterranean sun, and one that is not afraid to wear its many influences on its sleeve, from 70s psych-rock to Balearic Beat, Space Disco and Afro Beat. The scope of Movements is wide and proves a captivating and gratifying listen.


  1. Assimilation (Ft. Dylema) 
  2. His Mother’s Eyes (Ft. Jermain Jackman) 
  3. Brother Andrew – The Investigator (Ft. Brother Andrew Muhammad) 
  4. Break The Chains
  5. A Police Service, not a Police Force (Ft. Lee Jasper)
  6. Hackney Ain’t Innocent (Ft. Yolanda Lear)
  7. On the Daily (Ft Ugochi Nwaogwugwu)
  8. Say Black (Ft. Dylema)
  9. The Babylon Encounter (Ft. Janette Collins & Leroy Logan)
  10. Witness The Whiteness (Ft. Adam Elliot Cooper)
  11. Lifeline (Ft. Zara McFarlane)
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