Band Of Horses - Mirage Rock

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The quintet usually specialize in beard-y reverie, somewhere between Built to Spill’s guitar majesty and Seventies AM folk of America. But the Horses rough things up on Mirage Rock, from the Brown Sugar bounce of Electric Music to the crackling Knock Knock, where Ben Bridwell sings of “a ramshackle crew with something to prove". The album was produced by Glyn Johns, who helmed classics by the Stones and Zeppelin


A1. Knock Knock
A2. How To Live
A3. Slow Cruel Hands Of Time
A4. A Little Biblical
A5. Shut-in Tourist
A6. Dumpster World
B1. Electric Music
B2. Everything's Gonna Be Undone
B3. Feud / B4. Long Vows
B5. Heartbreak On The 101
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