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Paul Williams (December 1, 1934 - April 24, 2016), known professionally as Billy Paul, was a Grammy Award-winning American soul singer, known for his 1972 No. 1 single Me and Mrs. Jones, as well as the 1973 album and single War of the Gods, which blends his more conventional pop, soul, and funk styles with electronic and psychedelic influences. At a night spot or a show when he sang the song Me and Mrs. Jones, people go crazy because they love it so much.


Side A
1. Me And Mrs. Jones
2. Am I Black Enough For You?
3. People Power
4. Thanks For Saving My Life
5. Brown Baby
6. Let The Dollar Circulate

Side B
1. Let's Make A Baby
2. Only The Strong Survive
3. How Good Is Your Game
4. Bring The Family Back
5. The Whole Town's Talking
6. Be Truthful To Me
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