Bleached - Can You Deal

Bleached - Can You Deal

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Bleached is back with four new blazing tracks on their Can You Deal? EP! The Can You Deal? project was inspired by frustration at being labelled a “girl band” during the Welcomes the
Worms press cycle, as Bleached’s Jennifer Clavin writes:
“Last year we released a deeply personal full length album titled ‘Welcome the Worms’. It was a record about being in an emotionally abusive relationship. It was a record about getting spun out on drugs and alcohol. It was a record about totally losing myself in order to find myself. It was also our most ambitious body of work yet, with guitar work and guitar sounds and production we had only dreamed of until then. And yet to this day I am still fielding interview questions that have more to do with my gender than with the art I am creating.”

With this fire in their bellies, Bleached connected with Alex Newport (Bloc Party, Mars Volta) to produce the EP. With their singularly triumphant mix of sunny melodies, thrashing guitars and lyrics highlighting the darker sides of life, Bleached continues to demand your attention.


  1. Can You Deal?
  2. Flipside
  3. Turn to Rage
  4. Dear Trouble
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