Bob Dylan - Street Legal

Bob Dylan - Street Legal

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Recorded in the wake of an acrimonious divorce and custody battle, 1978's divisive Street Legal preceded Bob Dylan's trio of religious themed albums and found him chasing a fuller big band sound with a horn section and female back-up vocalists embedded in the elaborate arrangements.

Cut with producer Don DeVito (Desire, Hard Rain), it's no coincidence that it falls between Desire and Slow Train Coming, Saved and Shot of Love as it exhibits aspects of the former's colorful artistry and the latter grouping's religious undertones.

Although Street Legal may have broken a three album run of No. 1 hits, Dylan in transition with a lot on his mind is captivating none the less and it contains several undeniable classics including "Changing Of The Guards," "Is Your Love in Vain?" and "Where Are You Tonight? (Journey
Through Dark Heat)."

Track List:

A1. On A Night Like This
A2. Going, Going, Gone
A3. Tough Mama
A4. Hazel
A5. Something There Is About You
A6. Forever Young
B1. Forever Young
B2. Dirge
B3. You Angel You
B4. Never Say Goodbye
B5. Wedding Song

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