Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs Present Occasional Rain

Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs Present Occasional Rain

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This is England, the day after the 60s. It’s a time of flux. On the cusp of progressive rock but without a rule book, many groups hold fast to psychedelia’s adventurousness and melodic delights, while they are also happy to venture deep into the jazz and folk scenes. The result is some wonderful, atmospheric, rain-flecked music.


01 Hidden Treasure - Traffic
02 Ragged Rain Life - Duncan Browne
03 Home And Where I Long To Be - Cressida
04 Leit Motif - Keith West
05 Night Time - Skin Alley
06 Once Upon A Time - Clouds
07 Come With Me To Jesus - Mandy More
08 Out And In (Single version) - The Moody Blues
09 Wasting My Time - Shape Of The Rain
10 Nutmeg, Bitter Suite - Granny's Intentions
11 Sweetness - Yes
12 Station Song Platform Two - Pete Brown & Piblokto!
13 Freefall - Argent
14 I Know That I'm Dreaming - The Exchange & Mart
15 Postcards Of Scarborough - Michael Chapman
16 Question Of Time - Christine Harwood
17 The Castle - 'Igginbottom
18 Windy Baker Street - Andrew Leigh
19 Flying South In Winter - Tonton Macoute
20 Innocence Of Child - Catherine Howe

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