Boney M - The Magic of Boney M (Special Remix Edition) Coloured Vinyl

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It takes a very rare and special act to remain unforgotten for decades and whose music still moves people all over the world. Boney M. and the music of Frank Farian are among them.
Today, young people dance to their songs on platforms like TikTok, even though you can look back almost 50 years to the origin of this music.
1976 – the year of Boney M.’s first #1 hit, “Daddy Cool” and the birth of an extraordinary music career to follow. Boney M. can be classified as the heroes of the disco era and there is no question why their Best-Of release once was called “THE MAGIC OF BONEY M”:

It has always been a monument for this supergroup as it compiles the treasures of that time and definitely has its own magic! Think of ballads such as “El Lute” or the Christmas version of “Mary’s Boy Child”, which became famous all around the world. Their well-known track “Rivers Of Babylon” from 1978 further enriches the tracklist, along with their other #1 tracks “Sunny”, “Ma Baker”, “Brown Girl in The Ring”, “Rasputin” as well as “Belfast” and “Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday” are included.

It’s not only music for the whole year, it’s music for your whole life and now comes a special remix edition!

01: Daddy Cool 3:27
02: Sunny 3:57
03: Rivers of Babylon 4:15
04: El Lute 3:58
05: No Woman No Cry 4:18
06: Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi-Holiday 3:55
07: Rasputin 4:25
08: Painter Man 3:16
09: Belfast 3:27
10: Brown Girl in the Ring 4:00
11: Kalimba De Luna 4:13
12: Happy Song 3:58
13: Still I'm Sad 4:24
14: Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord 4:01
15: Baby Do You Wanna Bump 2:27
16: Felicidad (Margherita) 2:51
17: Gotta Go Home 2:32
18: Ma Baker 4:06
19: Sunny (Mousse T. Radio Mix) 3:19
20: Rasputin (Majestic x Boney M.) 3:06
21: Daddy Cool (LIZOT x Boney M.) 2:34
22: Rios de Babylonia 4:08

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