Bonnie Prince Billy - I Made a Place

Bonnie Prince Billy - I Made a Place

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Bonnie Prince Billy has his first album of new songs since 2011.

This time, he brings the lightness with help from a Louisville band including picker Nathan Salsburg, ex-Gary Burton Quartet drummer Mike Hyman and singer-songwriter Joan Shelley.

Influenced by songwriters John Prine and Tom T. Hall and inspired by the state of Hawaii, I Made a Place finds Bonny using his considerable powers for good.


  1. New Memory Box
  2. Dream Awhile
  3. The Devil's Throat
  4. Look Backward on Your Future, Look Forward to Your Past
  5. I Have Made a Place
  6. Squid Eye
  7. You Know the One
  8. This Is Far From Over
  9. Nothing Is Busted
  10. Mama Mama
  11. The Glow, Pt. 3
  12. Thick Air
  13. Building a Fire
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