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Recorded during the thick of the Covid lockdown, KevinTony, & Eric hunkered down in their studio and turned their energy inward. With all live shows and future tours cancelled, Brainstory had no other outlet besides their rehearsal space which had been converted into a makeshift studio. Stepping up to the obstacles of the moment, they recorded and produced an EP of brand-new music. They were already highly skilled musicians two years ago, but time in the studio with Leon Michels producing Buck and playing alongside bands like Holy Hive and Chicano Batman had a profound effect on them. Their ears have developed, their ethos and their drive has matured, their musicianship is full-blown, hence the name of the EP, Ripe.

Ripe is a seven-song journey into who Brainstory are as people and as a band. They are light-hearted and fun but never anything less than dead serious about their artistry. In choosing to record a mostly instrumental record, they have departed from their 2019 debut Buck and are showing more of their jazz roots. Ripe pulls from Jazz, Hip Hop, 70s Funk, 60s Soul, and life in Southern California in the year 2021.


Side A
1. Scissors
2. Seasons
3. Long Day

Side B
1. Rogers
2. Bye Bye
3. Long Day (Reprise)
4. Vortex
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