Broadcast - Work And Non Work

Broadcast - Work And Non Work

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Warp's first rock/pop signing since Pulp (yup, Pulp) were Stereolab-soundalikes Broadcast, whose early singles for Wurlitzer Jukebox and the 'Lab's own Duophonic label attracted much attention for the their sing-songy fusions of Tortoise-y groovebox meandering and clean-room electronica. Work and Non Work, the group's Warp debut, is really nothing more than a compilation of those singles ("Accidentals," "Living Room," and The Book Lovers EP, to be exact). As a mini-LP for the new initiate, it serves as a handy one-stop updater, but since most of it appeared elsewhere within the previous six months and not a single second of previously unavailable material is included, it's not worth much to fans of any duration. All Music Guide


  1. Accidentals 
  2. The Book Lovers 
  3. Message From Home 
  4. Phantom 
  5. We've Got Time 
  6. Living Room 
  7. According To No Plan 
  8. The World Backwards 
  9. Lights Out 
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