Broods - Space Island

Broods - Space Island

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A world born out of heartbreak – Space Island is where psychedelic streams of imagination bleed into the dry desert of reality, and
the portals of escapism open up for weary souls to dream the intangible to life.
It’s the story of being flung out of orbit; out of the stifling loop of a dead relationship, and into the unstable vastness of uncertainty.
This surreal, vintage space odyssey travels through the ever changing landscapes of a healing heart and mind, where we meet the
weird and wonderful creatures that lure you back to yourself.

1. Goodbye World, Hello Space Island
2. Piece Of My Mind
3. Heartbreak
4. Distance And Drugs
5. I Keep (feat. Tove Lo)
6. Like A Woman
7. Gaslight
8. Days Are Passing
9. Alien
10. If You Fall In Love

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