Caliban - Dystopia

Caliban - Dystopia

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When the gates of the world slammed shut in 2020, German metal spearheads Caliban focused their energies in the studio. The results were nothing short of prolific: at first, Zeitgeister, a collection of classic Caliban songs re-done in their native German, but more importantly, a brand-new album, Dystopia.

The approach was instinctive and organic. The result was simply, darker and heavier. A state of the world address and a sign of these locked-down times. The band members worked in relative isolation, not being able to meet up for writing sessions. Ideas were passed around via the internet.

Produced by Benjamin Richter (Moonspell, Emil Bulls) and guitarist Marc Görtz as well as co-produced by Callan Orr (Dream On, Dreamer), Dystopia features contributions from Christoph Wieczorek of Annisokay on the track “Dystopia”, Jonny Davy of Job For A Cowboy on “Dragon” and Marcus Bischoff of Heaven Shall Burn on “VirUS”. A long running fixture in the European metal scene, Caliban have reemerged with a furious vision for these dark days. Welcome Dystopia!


A1. Dystopia feat. Christoph Wieczorek / A2. Ascent Of The Blessed / A3. VirUS feat. Marcus Bischoff / A4. Phantom Pain / A5. Alien / A6. sWords / B1. Darkness I Became / B2. Dragon feat. Jonny Davy / B3. Hibernate / B4. mOther / B5. The World Breaks Everyone

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