Caribou - Our Love

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'Our Love', the new album from Caribou features collaborations with Jessy Lanza and Owen Pallett. It was mixed by David Wrench and features artwork by Jason Evans / Matthew Cooper. 'Our Love' is a crisp and compact collage of contemporary electronic music. Intimate r 'n' b overtones smooch up with Detroit Techno and scrupulous synth sampling. It sounds like the future, which is exactly Snaith's intention. 'Our Love' is probably Caribou's most soulful record to date, chock-full of heartfelt lyrics and organic nature which cuts through bubbling synths and blissful euphoria of their synthetic constructions. It's not all downbeat of course, whilst some thoughts linger on mortality, loss and letting go, there is always an element of celebration.LP - 180 Gram black vinyl (half speed mastered) with download of album.
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