Caribou - Suddenly

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Suddenly is the most surprising and unpredictable Caribou album to date.

Though it retains the trademark Caribou warmth and technicolour, this album is littered with swerves and left turns. Songs drop out and morph into something else entirely just as they’re hitting their stride, samples chopped up beyond all recognition burst out of nowhere.

Both the CD and LP are housed in a glossy, heavyweight inner sleeve, inside a jacket with matte coating plus spot gloss on the spine and front. LP is pressed on black vinyl and includes a digital download.


  1. Sister 
  2. You and I 
  3. Sunny's Time
  4. New Jade 
  5. Home 
  6. Lime 
  7. Never Come Back 
  8. Filtered Grand Piano 
  9. Like I Loved You 
  10. Magpie 
  11. Ravi 
  12. Cloud Song
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