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Caroline - Caroline

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UK eight-piece caroline began in early 2017, evolving out of weekly improvisation sessions. Band members brought together their shared influences, including Midwestern emo, Appalachian folk, minimalist classical, and various forms of electronic music, slowly expanding their ranks as the songs developed.

caroline’s eponymous debut album often cascades with force like an avalanche, squalling and rumbling on the edge of all-out collapse. At other points they slip back into impossibly fragile moments of quiet – a simple bassline or a rattle of snare the only sound amid a dark sea of silence. caroline knows exactly the right balance between restraint and release.


01. Dark blue / 02. Good morning (red) / 03. desperately / 04. IWR / 05. messen #7 / 06. Engine (eavesdropping) / 07. hurtle / 08. Skydiving onto the library roof / 09. zilch / 10. Natural death

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