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Casualties Of Cool - Casualties Of Cool

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For Devin TownsendCasualties of Cool is more than just the latest release of a prolific career todate. You probably know him as the founder of Strapping Young Lad, you might have Steve Vai’s Sex & Religion, which features the Canadian metal star on vocals, or the countless other releases he’s put his name to. But you can forget all that for now. For TownsendCasualties of Cool is an escape – from over 20 years of relentless productivity, of the pre-conceptions of him that come with being one of the biggest names in his sphere.

When you’re younger you do these things and of course you become the product of them” he admits. “But as your life changes, your true nature comes through and becomes overlooked in lieu of what people view you as.” With metal a genre that’s resisted the cultural fragmentation of our age to remain intrinsically tribal, so the family you become part of remain the overbearing baggage you can’t throw off – how far do you have to go before you’re not, as Devin says, “the guy in the Motley Crue tshirt?” It turns out he hasn’t had to go far at all.

Vinyl 2LP Tracklist

Side A
1. Daddy
2. Mountaintop
3. Flight
4. The Code

Side B
1. Moon
2. Pier (Instrumental)
3. Ether
4. Hejda

Side C
1. Forgive Me
2. Broken
3. Bones
4. Deathscope

Side D
1. The Field
2. The Bridge
3.  Pure (Instrumental)

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