Cat Power - Moon Pix Reissue

Cat Power - Moon Pix Reissue

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This is the classic, spooky and off kilter album from Cat Power. Chan adopts a kind of child-visionary persona, delivering an idiosyncratic mixture of surreal, direct, and insinuating lyrics that are enough to rend your heart the more you hear them. Her voice is husky yet pure at the same time, and she's at her best with minimal instrumentation, just stark vocals and a muffled guitar, sounding like the saddest, most hopeful person on earth singing to herself in an empty room. originally released in September 1998 on matador.


  1. American Flag 
  2. He Turns Down 
  3. No Sense 
  4. Say 
  5. Metal Heart 
  6. Back Of Your Head 
  7. Moonshiner 
  8. You May Know Him
  9. Colors And The Kids 
  10. Cross Bones Style 
  11. Peking Saint 
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