Cat Power - The Greatest

Cat Power - The Greatest

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Teaming Cat Power with the Hi team who recorded behind Ann Peebles and Al Green was an unexpected and brilliant idea. A special alchemy took place at Ardent Studios in Memphis which enhanced both Cat Power's gorgeous smoky voice and the soulful groove the band has laid down. I would say that that it was worth the price of the album just for the majestic opening song, The Greatest, were it not that it is also available as a single, but that would be to unfairly demean the rest of the record. Of course Cat Power does not need embellishment, as is demonstrated on the unadorned song HateCat's most accomplished album to date.


  1. The Greatest 
  2. Living Proof 
  3. Lived In Bars
  4. Could We
  5. Empty Shell 
  6. Willie 
  7. Where Is My Love 
  8. The Moon 
  9. Islands
  10. After It All 
  11. Hate 
  12. Love & Communication
  13. Up And Gone
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