Cave - Psychic Psummer

Cave - Psychic Psummer

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The first Cave album, Psychic Psummer, is back in print after years out of it. Questing listeners can once again drop the needle on the launch-pad moment where Cave came into their own, evolving into a collective capable of full-length mastery. Their expertise in collating trippy dance jams of all colors started here, leading to further evolutions and triumphs on their subsequent releases Neverendless, Threace and last year's Allways.

These radical soundings from the punk/DIY/house show era of Cave, representing the glory of their short-pants days, circa 2009ish, with a fast take on their trademark relentless tempo-keeping and neatly-cut arrangements. Guitars and bass in overdrive plus aggro'd-out chanting in the mix: funk as puck!

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