Cornelius - Point

Cornelius - Point

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Point is the long-awaited full-length follow-up to Fantasma, and it does not disappoint. Cornelius--a.k.a. Japanese pop auteur and clothing designer Keigo Oyamada--thrilled the world with his '97 international debut, a breezy blend of electronica that melded the thick, soupy guitar feedback of My Bloody Valentine to the gorgeous harmonies of the Beach Boys, and fed it all through a peculiarly kitschy Japanese bubblegum pop filter. Point has become something of an influential record over the years with its technicolour palette of sounds infusing records by the likes of Beck, Phoenix and the Strokes.


  1. Bug (Electric Last Minute)
  2. Point of View Point
  3. Smoke 
  4. Drop
  5. Another View Point
  6. Tone Twilight Zone 
  7. Bird Watching at Inner Forest 
  8. I Hate Hate
  9. Brazil 
  10. Fly 
  11. Nowhere 
  12. Point of View Point (Yann Tomita Mix) 
  13. Drop (Tusen Takk Rework - Kings of Convenience Mix) 
  14. Drop (Herbert's Kangaroo Dub - Matthew 'Cactus' Herbert Mix)
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