Courtney Marie Andrews - Honest Life

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After a decade spent at the height of the music industry, touring solo and with large pop bands, Courtney Marie Andrews has realised her desire for a place to come home to. She found that in a small rural town in the deep forests of Washington. There, she posted up at a local bar, slinging drinks, basking in the simplicity and reflection it allowed. She has emerged with a new fire on 'Honest Life', melding indie-folk and Americana with a rebellious country flavour reminiscent of her Southwestern roots. 'Honest Life' is the culmination of Andrews' life on the road, absorbing the stories, traditions and heartbreaks along the way. The songs on Honest Life touch on personal coming-of-age stories ('Rookie Dreaming'), the stunning beauty of resiliency ('How Quickly Your Heart Mends'), take-no-shit self-determination anthems ('Irene'), and thoughts on how to accept emotions like loneliness and vulnerability in your life ('Table for One'). Andrews' heart-wrenching songwriting and crystal - clear vocal style are as captivating as they are invigorating. It's no wonder Ryan Adams called Andrews "a phenomenal songwriter." True to her own vision, Andrews produced the entire record herself and recorded it at Litho Studios in Seattle with recording engineer Floyd Reitsma, whose recent credits include Noah Gundersen and Pearl Jam.LP - 180 Gram.
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