Cramps - Big Beat From Badsville

Cramps - Big Beat From Badsville

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As The Cramps approached their 20th anniversary, they showed no signs of changing their signature kitschy psychobilly style. In so many ways, Big Beat From Badsville is no different from its immediate predecessor, Flamejob, or any of the group's other records – it's a collection of campy songs about sex, horror, violence, leather and perversion. Sonically, it's slightly rawer than Flamejob, and the group's performances are as inspired here as they are on any of their other '90s albums. And the songs are uniformly good, even if there aren't any standouts. So, Big Beat From Badsville is the kind of record that fans will be pleased with, but newcomers will just wonder what the big deal is.


  1. Cramp Stomp
  2. God Monster
  3. It Thing Hard-On
  4. Like a Bad Girl Should
  5. Sheena's In a Goth Gang
  6. Queen of Pain
  7. Monkey With Your Tail
  8. Devil Behind That Bush
  9. Super Goo
  10. Hypno Sex Ray
  11. Burn She-Devil, Burn
  12. Wet Nightmare
  13. Badass Bug
  14. Haulass Hyena
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