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Cranes - Loved Vinyl

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Loved is the third album by the British band Cranes, released in 1994. Elements of alternative rock, shoegaze, dream-pop and darkwave are mixed in their attractive music. Their gothic elements made a return, while they retained the feeling of their previous album 'Forever'. It was another artistic experience, with nicely orchestrated and constructed songs. 'Loved' gives the title all the credits, as it is an album which shows most of their feelings and emotions. Siblings Alison and Jim Shaw formed the band Cranes back in 1989.


A1 Shining Road
A2 Pale Blue Sky
A3 Rêverie
A4 Lilies
A5 Are You Gone?
B1 Loved
B2 Beautiful Friend
B3 Bewildered
B4 Come This Far
B5 Paris And Rome
B6 In The Night


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