Damien Jurado & Richard Swift - Other People's Songs Vol 1

Damien Jurado & Richard Swift - Other People's Songs Vol 1

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Damien Jurado and the late Richard Swift's gorgeous covers LP, recorded over the course of one late August weekend in 2010 simply because the two prolific songwriters were looking for an excuse to hang out. Released as a free download back in 2010 via a Tumblr page, fast forward six years later to today, where Other Peoples Songs, Volume 1 is finally available in physical format and through all digital music services.

Immediacy and simplicity serve as the driving factors behind Other Peoples Songs, a record permeated by an off-the-cuff, handmade feel, singular interpretations of 60s and 70s cuts. An electric tracklist, ranging from American heartland to groggy behemoths, Other Peoples Songs is a reflection of both Jurado and Swifts personalities, a warm, crackling LP.

Track Listing

1. Be Not So Fearful (Originally by Bill Fay)
2. Hello Sunshine (Originally by Relatively Clean Rivers)
3. Sweetness (Originally by Yes)
4. Sincere Replies (Originally by Oh! Calcutta! Original Broadway Cast)
5. If The Sun Stops Shinin’ (Originally by Chubby Checker)
6. Follow Me (Originally by John Denver)
7. Outside My Window (Originally by the Fleetwoods)
8. Radioactivity (Originally by Kraftwerk)
9. Crazy Like A Fox (Originally by Link Cromwell & the Zoo)

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