Damien Jurado - Visions Of Us On The Land

Damien Jurado - Visions Of Us On The Land

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Providing the ideal entry point for neophytes and an intoxicating aural high for the faithful, Damien Jurado's new opus extends the hot streak ignited by 2012's Maraqopa and it's 2014 follow-up Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son. Cut once again with label-mate and super producer Richard Swift at the latter's National Freedom recording facility in rural Oregon, Visions of Us On The Land completes the tale of an individual who has had to disappear from society in order to discover some universal truths. Maraqopa the album introduced a character deliberately unnamed, intended to represent anyone feeling that way who stumbles upon the titular locale then gets into a car crash... which only frees him further.


  1. November 20
  2. Mellow Blue Polka Dot
  3. Qachina
  4. Lon Bella
  5. Sam and Davy
  6. Prisms
  7. Onalaska
  8. Taqoma
  9. On the Land Blues
  10. Walrus
  11. Exit 353
  12. Cinco de Tomorrow
  13. And Loraine
  14. A.M.A.M
  15. Queen Anne
  16. Orphans in the Key of E
  17. Kola
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