Damien Jurado - Where Shall You Take Me? (Secretly 25th Anniversary Exclusive)

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Limited edition of Damien Jurado’s Where Shall You Take Me? on opaque orange coloured vinyl.

An instant classic when released in 2003, Where Shall You Take Me? was his fifth full-length and is a beautiful collection of ten Raymond Carver-esque vignettes terror and bliss in Middle America. Two decades after Springsteen's Nebraska, Jurado puts the darker, more complicated side of the heartland back on the map with his tales of young love (some requited; some not), innocent fun and bloodshed.

Includes a special edition obi to celebrate Secretly Canadian’s 25th Anniversary.


A1. Amateur Night
A2. Omaha
A3. Abilene
A4. Texas To Ohio
A5. Window

B1. I Can’t Get Over You
B2. Intoxicated Hands
B3. Tether
B4. Matinee
B5. Bad Dreams

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