Daniel Blumberg - On & On

Daniel Blumberg - On & On

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On&On, the brand-new album from Daniel Blumberg, is a 9-track song-cycle that confirms the London musician and visual artist as a unique creative force, pushing the art of song into expansive new territories.

The album follows 2018's Minus and is a consolidation of the deconstructed song aesthetic he has developed, operating at the intersection between conventional song structures and free improvisation.

On&On was recorded by Peter Walsh (Scott Walker), who has captured the group's extraordinary performances, encompassing the full expressive range of their instruments from softly-bowed melodies and tender vocal harmonies to rough-hewn scrapes, plucks and rattles, while the sound of the room and the outside world spill naturally into the sound field.


1. On&On
2. Sidestep Summer
3. On&On&On
4. Bound
5. Silence Breaker
6. On&On&On&On
7. Teethgritter
8. On&On&On&On&On
9. Pillow

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