Dave Hamilton's - Detroit Dancers

Dave Hamilton's - Detroit Dancers

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Vinyl LP pressing. UK collection of tracks produced by Detroit legend Dave Hamilton. 'What Can I Do' by Little Ann starts the LP. It was the "unknown artist" acetate, played as Rose Valentine in the latter days of Wigan Casino, that turned it into a legendary disc. It is followed by two Topper singles which found great favor on the Northern Soul scene in the 2000s: Tobi Lark's 'Sweep It Out In The Shed' and Dottie & Millie's 'Taking About My Baby'. Big voiced O.C. Tolbert contributes with 'I'm Shooting High', mid-tempo 60s soul perfection, and 'You Got Me Turned Around', the definitive take on that 'Sweep It Out In The Shed' backing track. Hamilton's acts were often obscure and records by James Lately and the Ravins are now so scarce they must have sold in tens rather than hundreds. They now reach four-figure prices, which is reflected in the quality. Like Little Ann, Danny Cobus is only known through unreleased tracks found in the vaults. His 'The Two Of Us' is a fabulous piece of music, now revered. Tobi Lark was the class act of the small set-up; her 'Challenge My Love' is a highlight of Dave Hamilton's writing and production. Chico & Buddy were originally members of the Tokays but threw their lot in with the highly respected Dave Hamilton. 'You Don't Miss Your Water' is a catchy late 60s dancer with just a hint of funk that has made it very popular. J.T. Rhythm's 'My Sweet Baby' is the epitome of mid 60s effortless mid-tempo soul infused with a memorable melody. Dave's vocals were at best charismatic and rightly confined to the call and response of tracks such as the catchy 'Shoop Doop': fortunately he excelled elsewhere.

Track Listings
1 What Should I Do - Little Ann
2 Sweep It Out in the Shed - Tobi Lark
3 Talkin' About My Baby - Dottie & Millie
4 I'm Shooting High (I Reach for the Sky) - O.C. Tolbert
5 Your Love Is What I Want - the Ravins
6 My Sweet Baby - J.T. Rhythm
7 The Two of Us - Danny Cobus
8 You Got Me Turned Around - O.C. Tolbert
9 Who Are You Trying to Fool - Little Ann
10 Challenge My Love - Tobi Lark
11 Love, Friends and Money - James Lately
12 You Won't Miss the Water - Chico & Buddy
13 Shoop Doop - Dave Hamilton
14 You Did - Priscilla Page & Rony Darrell

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