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Bridge Over Troubled Dreams is the 6th studio album from international recording artist Delta Goodrem, who has achieved multi-platinum selling status, nine #1 singles, four #1 albums, 17 top 10 hits, 12 ARIA Awards, a Silver Logie Award & three World Music Awards.
As an accomplished singer and songwriter, Delta brings to life some of the most personal stories she’s ever shared which it not only reflected in the lyrics, but music and instrumentation as well.
“We can all own our own stories – this is me owning mine,” Delta shared. “This body of work is about truth and transparency. Dreams don’t have an expiry date and that’s been a really important lesson for me and is a prominent theme on the album. Each song represents a unique moment of my life. When writing and producing this album, each sound and instrument were carefully created to match the realness and intensity of the lyrics. I wrote every single song at the piano, stripping my sound back to the basics.”
This album is the most biographical body of work of Goodrem’s career.

The album will be promoted with a series of concert dates throughout Australia and New Zealand on the Bridge over Troubled Dreams Tour, originally planned for April and May 2021 but postponed until September and October 2021.

1. Keep Climbing
2. Everyone's Famous
3. Solid Gold
4. Dear Elton
5. Billionaire
6. Paralyzed
7. All Of My Friends
8. Kill Them With Kindness
9. Crash
10. The Power
11. Play
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