Die! Die! Die! - S W I M

Die! Die! Die! - S W I M

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SWIM is an 11 track opus formed from the wall-sweat of Europe’s best clubs, scratched off the tour van floor and from down the back of the couch-surfed accom. Produced by the band and Chris Townend (Portishead, D12, Violent Femmes) from The Lab in Auckland to Lightship 95 in London, SWIM’s sparse geographical consummation is as expansive as their definition of punk and pop music.

As an internet acronym for ‘someone who isn’t me’, SWIM’s title suggests that Andrew Wilson is stepping out of his own comfort zone lyrically and bringing new themes and broader strokes to the mighty crash and boom of Die Die Die’s sound. Indeed he has described it himself as “an album about surviving… which is very positive”.


  1. Swim
  2. Out Of Mind
  3. Crystal
  4. Best
  5. Get Hit
  6. Don't Try
  7. Angel
  8. She's Clear
  9. Trigger
  10. Jealousy
  11. Sister
  12. Mirror
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