Don Mcglashan - Bright November Morning

Don Mcglashan - Bright November Morning

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The legendary frontman of Blam Blam Blam, Front Lawn and Mutton Birds, and APRA Silver Scroll Award winner Don McGlashan is set to release his much anticipated new album, Bright November Morning – his first since the renowned Lucky Stars in 2015 – followed by an extensive nationwide launch tour with his all-star live band, and special guest, violinist Anita Clark.

Recorded in Auckland, Lyttelton and Vancouver with the formidably talented The OthersShayne P Carter (DimmerStraitjacket Fits) on guitar, James Duncan (DimmerSJD) on bass and Chris O’Connor (Phoenix FoundationSJD) on drums, with cameos from The BethsAnita Clark (Motte), Emily Fairlight and Hollie Smith.

The album has all the usual brilliant McGlashan touches – from the detail-perfect narratives of local life to the beautiful melodies with detours into something noisier, and on to those infectious choruses.

Bright November Morning is an essential addition to Don McGlashan’s remarkable output.

  1. Lights Come On
  2. John Bryce
  3. Go Back In
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Now's The Place
  6. Shackleton
  7. All The Goodbyes In The World
  8. Nothing On The Windows
  9. Song For Sue
  10. Start Again
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