Drive-by Truckers - The New Ok

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Drive-By Truckers released The Unraveling on Jan 31st 2020 and set out for what was supposed to be a full year of touring. It did not go as planned.

"The New OK" is a phrase Patterson Hood found himself saying a lot these past few months. This new album, made up of songs left over from The Unraveling sessions and new ones written and recorded since, hopefully balances out the darkness of our current situation with a hope for better days and nights ahead.


  1. The New OK
  2. Tough to Let Go
  3. The Unraveling
  4. The Perilous Night
  5. Sarah's Flame
  6. Sea Island Lonely
  7. The Distance
  8. Watching the Orange Clouds
  9. The KKK Took My Baby Away
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