Echo & the Bunnymen Songs to Learn & Sing Warner

Echo & the Bunnymen Songs to Learn & Sing Warner

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Echo & The Bunnymen’s first best-of compilation Songs To Learn And Sing will be back on vinyl for the first time since its original release in 1985. The album is a comprehensive collection of the band’s first four albums, from their second single Rescue, to The Cutter and the anthemic The Killing Moon. It also includes Bring On The Dancing Horses, originally released in conjunction with Songs To Learn & Sing back in 1985.By the time of Songs To Learn & Sing original release the band were a force to be reckoned with, pioneering the post-punk, new wave scene with four highly acclaimed studio albums. It all started with their classic debut album Crocodiles in 1980, which gave the band a reputation as one of the best around, with the NME describing it as “probably the best album this year by a British band”. The album ultimately broke into the Top 20, finishing in many critics greatest ever debut album lists.


  1. Rescue
  2. The Puppet
  3. Do It Clean
  4. A Promise
  5. Back Of Love
  6. The Cutter
  7. Never Stop
  8. The Killing Moon
  9. Silver
  10. Seven Seas 
  11. Bring On The Dancing Horses
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