Electric Light Orchestra - Eldorado Vinyl

Electric Light Orchestra - Eldorado Vinyl

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80 Gram Vinyl. A concept album about the fantastic world of dreams, 'Eldorado' may be the Electric Light Orchestra's most fully realized recording. Combining the grand, sweeping vision of founders Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood with the craftsmanship and outstanding production values that marked the megahit albums 'A New World Record' and 'Out of the Blue', 'Eldorado' is a near-perfect fusion of rock and roll with a full orchestra.


  1. Eldorado Overture
  2. Can't Get It Out Of My Head
  3. Boy Blue
  4. Laredo Tornado
  5. Poor Boy (The Greenwood)
  6. Mister Kingdom
  7. Nobody's Child
  8. Illusions In G Major
  9. Eldorado
  10. Eldorado Finale
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