Eno, Brian - Nerve Net

Eno, Brian - Nerve Net

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Originally released in 1992, Nerve Net finds Eno returning to a more rock-oriented sound, although skewed through an aesthetic that is simultaneously playful, funky and claustrophobic, and featuring a mixture of vocal and instrumental excursions. Includes contributions from Robert Fripp, Robert Quine and John Paul Jones. 7.7 Pitchfork


  1. Fractal Zoom
  2. Wire Shock
  3. What Actually Happened?
  4. Pierre in Mist
  5. My Squelchy Life
  6. Juju Space Jazz
  7. The Roil, the Choke
  8. Ali Click
  9. Distributed Being
  10. Web
  11. Web (Lascaux Mix)
  12. Decentre
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